Norton Antivirus

How to Activate & Setup Norton Antivirus?

Activate & Setup Norton Antivirus

Norton is a security product offered in the market by Symantec. It provides security from the threats and problems that might affect the system of the user through the internet or any other folder or file that might contain the viruses. It has the features of tackling threats such as Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Malware, etc. To enjoy the facility of this antivirus, it is very necessary that the users must be aware of the steps to Activate & Setup Norton Antivirus on their system. By doing so, they can ensure the safety of their data and can also continue with the usage of the internet without any interruption.

The process for Norton Antivirus Activation and Setup is very easy and it hardly requires any kind of brilliance to perform this activity. We have provided some very genuine and unique steps that would help the users in performing the process and enjoying the facilities of Norton on their system. But first, let’s talk about the functions that are provided by the Norton to its users.

  1. It helps you in eliminating all the malicious codes that are found during the scan.
  2. You can set the scheduled scan for your system or change it to an automatic scan.
  3. You can also scan any particular file or documents for any kind of malware.
  4. You can scan a particular website, PC or hard disk anytime.
  5. It displays the PC health on regular basis.

All over you can consider the Norton antivirus as a doctor for your device that will do regular checkup for your system. It will provide all the detailed information about the working of the system and would also provide remedies when needed.

Now coming back to the process of Norton Antivirus Setup, the process is very simple and can be accomplished by any user whether technical or non-technical.

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Steps to Setup Norton Antivirus

  • To start with the process you need to make sure that you have the Norton ID and Password with you. In case you do not have one, signup for new account.
  • Now you need to visit the official website of Norton to download the product or if you have the CD, insert it in the CD drive and copy the components of the product in a folder.
  • Once you visit the website, you will have two options in front of you. Either you can log in with your registered ID and Password or you can create a new account.
  • To continue the setup with the CD, press on the install shield wizard and follow the process very carefully. Wait patiently for the process to complete until you are asked for the product key.
  • You will go through a number of steps in this installation process. Select the options in the process according to your choice and preference and complete the installation of the antivirus very smoothly.
  • Now in the website process, log in the website with correct ID and Password and wait for the next page to open.
  • You will be asked for the Norton Product Key on this page. Enter the product key in the given space and Hit Enter.
  • As you will hit enter, you will be provided with a download link for the Norton Antivirus Setup.
  • Click on the link to download the setup of Norton Antivirus and once the download completes, you can start with the installation process.
  • To start the installation, double-click on the downloaded setup and follow all the steps for the installation of the antivirus.
  • Continue with the process very carefully and make sure that you follow each step correctly.
  • As you complete the process, click on finish to get to the next step i.e. Norton Antivirus Activation.

So, these are the steps that would help you in the process of Norton Antivirus Setup. Now, we would facilitate you with the steps of activation.

Steps to Activate Norton Antivirus

  • To start, open the main window of the antivirus and click on Activate Now.
  • If asked, feed the details of your Norton account and click on login.
  • Now, if you have the license present with you then choose the subscription and follow the steps.
  • And if you have the product key, hit on Enter key and enter the product key in the given space.
  • Proceed with the steps that are available on the screen.
  • To buy a license, click on purchase a subscription and you will be taken to the website whereby following the on-screen steps and by making the payment, your purchasing will be done.

So, these are some of the steps that would help the users in completing the process of Norton Antivirus Activation.

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